Why Consider Bucking Bull Hire? Some Useful Reasons | Smack Amusements

Are you looking for some great party ideas? Do you want your guests to have some extra fun at the party or event? Have you been to a party of mechanical rides? You can make your event or party far better than a lot of celebrations with bucking bull hire. Hiring mechanical equipment would be remarkable for any type of parties or occasions such as birthdays, corporate get-togethers or group building affairs. It can be the center of attraction for the guests or simply the best destinations for your event.

Mechanical Bucking Bull

Why have a Mechanical Bucking Bull at Your Party or Event?

Having a mechanical bucking bull would certainly make your party or event a thrilling affair. If you need convincing whether to hire mechanical bucking bull or not, then go through the several compelling reasons mentioned below that can help you make a decision.

  • EntertainingBucking bull hire not only offers you a great experience but also provide you a challenging environment to keep your guests entertained. Mechanical bucking bull comes with a fully trained operator for the duration of the event. He makes sure everyone has a safe experience.
  • Personalized according to your needs- Depending on the type of party or event you are hosting, you can have a bucking bull for all levels from beginners to experts and children to adults. In all the cases, you will be assisted by a trained operator to ensure your safety.
  • Involve Guests- By hiring a mechanical bull, you can involve your guests in amazing, enjoyable and thrilling activity. It is excellent for corporate events, birthday parties or usual get-togethers. It would give your guests an opportunity to engage in something exciting rather than just sitting idle and enjoying snacks.

Want to make your Event Standout?

If you want your party or event to be successful and full of fun, then get in touch with the companies that provide bucking bull hire. Smack Amusements is a reputed company that provides mechanical bulls hire. You will be assisted with a fully trained staff member to ensure safety. For more information, feel free to contact us.



Make Your Events Stand Out with Photo Booth Hire in Brisbane | Smack Amusements

Photo booths are the perfect party favors.   They have become a rage in the past several years and are widely seen in the private events, corporate parties, weddings and birthday parties. If you are looking for some exciting ways to keep your guests entertained then there is nothing more worth than photo booth hire in Brisbane.

Chances are there that the guests attending your party do not know each other and having a photo booth at your event is a good way of breaking down the communication barrier and allowing them to intermingle with each other. When different people participate in conversations, they become much more interesting and fun. Moreover, photo booths are the most convenient way to capture all the golden moments without pressurizing the photographer to click your pictures. The innovative concept of getting clicked in front of a photo booth may intimidate you. But, you need not worry because it is so user-friendly that you can easily operate it. The photo booth industry is getting smarter and now they are utilizing simple touch screen buttons to trigger the camera and get clicked.

Photos taken by a photo booth are perfect party favours that can be easily downloadable, printed and shared on various social media platforms. The best thing about photo booth hire in Brisbane is the sassy props. Masks, hats and goofy glasses make the party rolling too. You can also get your favorite props at an additional cost. You can get yourself clicked wearing hats, glasses and using various props. You can easily get photo booths at reasonable prices and get excellent services at a less costly price.

Photos are all about capturing special moments and making beautiful memories. Having a photo booth at your event is an excellent tool for recording your big day. These photos will always act as a reminder of all those moments that you and your guests have shared together.

Smack Amusements should be the ultimate destination to visit if you are looking for affordable photo booth hire in Brisbane. They offer bespoke services to make your event even better.For more information regarding the services, Contact Us

Where to Get Rental Carnival Food Equipment and Machines?

What comes to your mind when you think of a carnival? Games and prizes are the biggest perks of the carnival and apart from it, it is the tempting smell of the popcorns, delicious cotton candies, snow-cone syrup and floss sugar that grabs the attention of the guests. Serving all these things have become easier with rental carnival food equipment and carnival food machines that help you create and relive those memories.

No matter you are planning to operate an on-site stand selling carnival food or catering a special event or child’s birthday party with a carnival theme, you can easily get a range of authentic themed equipment to ensure you serve the freshest products to your guests. Depending upon your needs, you can choose from funnel cake fryers, cotton candy machines, popcorn machines, hot dog warmers, nacho machines, etc.

Nothing delights guests more than the presence of scrumptious and deliciously fragrant food stations and carts. There are a number of companies that provide rental carnival food equipment to meet the diverse catering needs of the individuals. You can count on such companies to add an exciting element to your party that also delights the senses of your guests. Getting carnival food machines is no longer a bothering process. All it takes is a single phone call to share your requirements and when and where the event will be held, and rest everything would be taken care of by the experts.

You should always trust the companies that specialize in providing high-quality rental services and have well-maintained and cared for products and machines. You should also look if the professionals are skilled enough to set up at each event. Some companies may also provide you with huge stocks of stands, chairs, tables, tablecloths and other catering equipment to ensure you can prepare your foods and refreshments easily and can keep them warm or cold as per your likings.

Smack Amusements is one such reputed and a highly renowned company specializing in rental carnival food equipment and machines.  Make your carnival parties and events stand out with the help of Smack Amusements.

Bounce It Up! 4 Benefits of Inflatable Game Hire

Over the years, inflatable games have become immensely popular and they can make any children’s party fun and exciting. Whether you are looking to keep the kids at your child’s birthday party entertained for several hours or you are looking to provide some fun for your teenager’s graduation party, hiring an inflatable game is your best bet. Besides, you can find a plethora of companies where you can hire meltdown inflatable games.

Not to mention, getting an inflatable game hire can make it easier for you to plan the party as it will be the main attraction, Read on to find out four major benefits of hiring an inflatable game.

  1. Cost-effective– One of the major benefits of hiring an inflatable game is the fact that they are cost-effective. Moreover, these games can be hired at very affordable prices and this will make sure that the kids stay occupied for hours at a time while you can relax, sit back and enjoy the event.
  2. Ideal for outdoor parties- Without a doubt, a crucial benefit of inflatable game hire is they are ideal for outdoor parties. Considering the fact that these games require a lot of space to set up and for kids to play on, they are perfect for outdoor parties.
  3. Safe and enjoyable- In addition to the fact that inflatable games are cost-effective, they are also safe and enjoyable. Moreover, an inflatable game gives the kids a safe as well as a fun environment for a range of activities or challenges set by parents. In addition, they will play on a very soft platform, making inflatable games very safe for smaller children.
  4. Peace of mind– Another major benefit of hiring an inflatable game is the fact that parents can have a peace of mind and enjoy themselves while their children get hours of value out of the inflatable game.

While these were some of the benefits of inflatable game hire, there are many others, such as durable and smooth inflatable material, kids love to play physical games among many others. However, it is vital that you hire inflatable games from a reputable place. One of the recommended ones is Smack Amusements. They offer a broad range of awesome and unique jumping castles and mechanical rides and you can hire mechanical inflatable meltdown game among others at affordable rates.


Top 5 events for which you can hire Inflatable Meltdown Game

Meltdown is a 8 player game action game which challenges your stamina, quickness, and determination. In this game, the player makes his way through moving hurdles by jumping over them and if the player falls down while jumping, his part in the game ends there. The game continues in the same way and the person who lasts longer in the game is considered as the winner. If you’re thinking to hire inflatable meltdown game, then you’re definitely going to have a lot of fun.

In this guide we will discuss some of the events where Meltdown games can be played:

  1. Corporate events Meltdown game is the perfect addition to the corporate events. People of all ages can participate in this friendly competition. Such games can bring enthusiasm among people which can further create a positive impact on the work environment.
  2. Family gatherings  Nothing can bring more joy and enjoyment than a family gathering full of exciting games. Challenging adults against kids, boys against girls, cousins against cousins can bring out the competitive athlete out of them. This can make the whole atmosphere more
  3. Birthday parties      Inflatable meltdown game is one of the best options for your child’s birthday party. Your children and guests can enjoy this game and compete.  Your kids and their friends won’t stop playing and enjoying this game to its fullest.
  4. Schools   Inflatable Meltdown game is a perfect option for schools. A school carnival or some special events can be set for some fast-paced fun. School kids highly enjoy this game as it brings out the passion out them.
  5. Social events   Social gatherings, social events can be made more joyful and remarkable by adding Inflatable Meltdown game. People of all age groups enjoy this game to the fullest. This game is the best way to bring out the kid in you.

Except for fun and enjoyment, this game is the best possible way for a short workout. All you need is a little space to set up the game. If you’re looking for the best inflatable meltdown game to hire, then Smack Amusements can prove out to be the best option for you.To know more and to buy, please visit:www.smackamusements.com.au

Top 5 Facts about Digital Jukebox For Hire

A jukebox is a coin operated machine that plays music from a CD or record. There were 750,000 jukeboxes in use across the United States when it was at its height of popularity in 1950. But, the number dipped down in 1970’s and 1980’s. The number of jukeboxes presently in use is about 250,000. Moreover, if you’re looking for cheap Digital Jukebox to hire in Brisbane, then you have to do a little research to choose the best one according to your needs.

In this guide, we will discuss some of the facts you should know about Jukebox:

Raw materials 700-800 different components including wood cabinetry; injection molded plastic pieces; electronic stereo equipment such as amplifiers, woofers, tweeters, turntable or disc player; lighting mirrors; records or compact disks and the selection mechanism are present in a Jukebox. Jukeboxes are made from multiple layers of wood.

  1. Design Some jukeboxes are original, while others are a replica of them. A company produces a half dozen or so to place in restaurants, hotels, and bars. The samples are tested for several months before they are approved for mass production.
  2. Manufacturing process  Although many of the components are machine crafted, but each jukebox is hand assembled. The factory can produce approximately 10 jukeboxes per day. Plywood sheets are cured and molded in the basic jukebox shape. These cabinet sheets are then varnished and stained. All the electronic components are screwed inside the door. After the jukebox is complete, it is then sent for testing for 24-48 hours.
  3. Quality control  The main key to the production of Juke box is its quality control. After each and every step in the production process, the integrity of the work done is judged by qualified personnel.  Final jukebox inspection is made on the basis of all its components.
  4. Future  Since late 1980’s the demand has remained steady for the new jukeboxes. Moreover, collecting renovated jukeboxes has also gained popularity and is now a big market.
  5. If you’re looking for cheap Digital Jukeboxes to hire in Brisbane, then Smack Amusements can prove out to be the best service providers. To know more and to buy, please visit: www.smackamusements.com.au

Tips to Make the Best Use of your Mechanical Bull Hire

Mechanical bulls that we see today were originally developed to help in the training of bull riders. These days, a mechanical bull for hire is an essential part of our parties and bars ever since these entertainment devices gained popularity in the 1980s. Read on further to enjoy the riding the mechanical bull holding it tight without getting an embarrassing loss of grip.

Hold on with your dominant hand: Grip the landholder with your palm facing upwards or use the over grip with your palm facing downwards. Make sure that you have a strong grip all the while. You could also get a glove for your gripping hand.


Using your body: Squeezing the thighs is one of the important actions when you want to ‘root’ the bull. This action in addition with the grip on the bull will let you ride the bull unswerving. Besides, you need to have a relaxed upper part of the body. The ride operator uses your upper body weight against you when the bull bows down in front and the rear tips are up. Most of the people get rolled off during this maneuver. However, when you point your heels together and bend slightly backward when the bull pulls forward. This way you can counter the momentum and rhythmically shift your weight in the opposite way when the bull tips in the front. If your body is stiff, the momentum automatically pulls you off the bull.

Use your hand for balancing: While one of your hands is involved in gripping the landhold, the free hand can be used for maintaining your balance. Just like tightrope walkers do. You might look cool seeming to wave your hand around. You can also try holding a hat in your free hand.

Weight-shift tactics: when the operator makes the bull go up, down, right, left or in circles shifting your weight is the best deal. When the bull goes up with head up and rear down, shift your weight to the pelvic region. When the bull goes down, shift your pelvic region up and lean back a bit. When the ball goes left, shift your weight a little bit to the right and vice versa. When the bull starts spinning in circles, just lean in the opposite way.

If you are planning for a mechanical bull hire for your next party, please visit Smack Amusements to get a safe and entertaining deal. They have an experienced staff catering you with the most entertaining moments.


Make Parties and Events A Lot More Fun with Mechanical Bull

We all have tried a lot of options in order to make our parties fun and memorable. We have checked the numbers up and down in order to leverage our guests with the best of experience but the monotony is making things dull now. Seems like we all have run out of ideas and are now failing to attract the crowd. Mechanical bull hire is one option that can actually change the way people perceive these modern day parties. These are the few options that can actually help us achieve a lot more than we can imagine.

How alternatives can be used smartly to attract the crowd and make events a lot more fun. Some of the benefits of installing a mechanical bull like entertainment at parties are listed here:


People will stick till the end: If we use the available opportunity and set up an entertainment option then people will not get bored and will stick up till the end of the party. For events where the presence of crowd matters, such installations are going to work in favor.

 They can be rented: It is not compulsory for the party organizer to own one such installation. These entertainment options can be rented on hourly or day basis. Enterprises from the remotest corners of the world are accessing these services because renting makes a lot of sense than buying things.

 People of all age love it: In the modern economy, where everyone loves to play games on their phones, these installations at events are going to attract the crowd. People are going to have a lot of fun trying new things. These are certainly the best way of getting everyone at the party involved.

Smack Amusement is actually changing the way these parties are organized for better. Enterprises and also private partners are accessing such quality mechanical bull hire services for adding an extra layer of entertainment to their parties. One can easily get in touch with this entity and access the available option to make their life a lot more fun and entertaining.

Mechanical Bull Hire Brisbane: The most Unmissable fun Component for your Kid’s Party

The mechanical bull hire is one of the must hire jumping equipment for your next upcoming event or party. It has been rightly categorized as the most enjoyable form of entertainment and is considered as one the essential items for a kid’s birthday party. After all, what can beat the fun given by a mechanical bull hire in Brisbane at the next party?

The contemporary mechanical bull hires come equipped with loads if safety features. Check if the mechanical bull hires you to plan to choose for your kid’s next birthday party meet the following safety standards. Does it have:

  • An emergency button?
  • A trained and competent staff present by the side?
  • A fully inflatable ring to land on after falling off?

Pre-requisites for Installing a Mechanical Bull in your Party

The fun fact is that most of us can enjoy the safe falls from a mechanical bull jump; Right from a child of seven years of age to adults.The fun and excitement quotient of the jumps of this amazing jumping device is very high. You can install a mechanical bull if you have space of 5×5M in a room. It also requires a power of 2×240 volts and 10 A normal power. A flat level access is also required for setting up the bull into the place. The mechanical bull can handle 1 rider at a time and that can amount to 60 people in an hour.

Mechanical Bull For Rental

So you can just get the party started with the mechanical bull hire. This is because your kids and other party members will simply love them. The moment the jumping bull is installed, you can see the beam in children’s face. On growing up, kids reminisce the moments they had fun falls from a mechanical bull. Not only the fun, but the mechanical bull also imparts the children with a plethora of health benefits.This is simply due to the fact that kids find something more exciting and engaging than the mobile phones, tablets and such technological stuff. You know as a parent how hard it can get to keep children off these electronic gadgets despite the many deleterious effects they can have on health if kids. Children get to meet new friends and create their own healthy and happy world.

Mechanical bull hire in Brisbane is a classic way to have entertainment over long hours and in a healthy manner. If you want an expert, safe and complete service for installation of this amazing jumping device in your next party, please contact Smack amusements.


Top 4 Tips to Hire the Right Mechanical Bull

It goes without saying that mechanical bulls are extremely fun and can really brighten up any party or social event. Moreover, the trend of hiring mechanical bulls for parties is at its peak nowadays. In addition to the fact that mechanical bulls can raise the spirit of a boring party, they are remarkably streamlined and are very easy to set up. However, while there are a plethora of companies, where you can hire a mechanical bull in Brisbane, choosing the right one is not easy as it sounds.

Furthermore, you need to take into account a number of factors before making the final decision. Not to worry, read on to find out four tips for hiring the right mechanical bull.

bulls Mechanical

  1. Necessary room- One of the major factors that you need to take into account before hiring a mechanical bull is making sure you have the room necessary to properly accommodate the bull, its controls and safety equipment, a spectator viewing area among others.
  2. Trained attendant– Without a doubt, a crucial factor that you need to consider when hiring a mechanical bull is making sure that it comes with a trained attendant. Moreover, you should also check whether the mechanical bull has a safety switch, which will automatically shut the bull off instantly when the rider falls off.
  3. Inflatable mat– Another major factor that you need to consider when hiring a mechanical bull is making sure that an inflatable mat is included with the hire. Moreover, an inflatable mat is vital, considering the fact that it will give you protection when you fall off the mechanical ride.
  4. Special power requirement- When hiring a mechanical bull, make sure you ask the rental company whether they need any special power requirements for setting up the mechanical bull.

While these were some of the tips and tricks to hire the right mechanical bull in Brisbane, there are many others, such as cost-effective, insured company, making sure the mechanical bull offer realistic motions among many others. However, it is vital that you hire a mechanical bull from a reputable place. One of the recommended ones is Smack Amusements. They offer a broad range of awesome and unique mechanical rides such as mechanical bulls at affordable rates. You can visit their website at www.smackamusements.com.au