Mechanical bulls that we see today were originally developed to help in the training of bull riders. These days, a mechanical bull for hire is an essential part of our parties and bars ever since these entertainment devices gained popularity in the 1980s. Read on further to enjoy the riding the mechanical bull holding it tight without getting an embarrassing loss of grip.

Hold on with your dominant hand: Grip the landholder with your palm facing upwards or use the over grip with your palm facing downwards. Make sure that you have a strong grip all the while. You could also get a glove for your gripping hand.


Using your body: Squeezing the thighs is one of the important actions when you want to ‘root’ the bull. This action in addition with the grip on the bull will let you ride the bull unswerving. Besides, you need to have a relaxed upper part of the body. The ride operator uses your upper body weight against you when the bull bows down in front and the rear tips are up. Most of the people get rolled off during this maneuver. However, when you point your heels together and bend slightly backward when the bull pulls forward. This way you can counter the momentum and rhythmically shift your weight in the opposite way when the bull tips in the front. If your body is stiff, the momentum automatically pulls you off the bull.

Use your hand for balancing: While one of your hands is involved in gripping the landhold, the free hand can be used for maintaining your balance. Just like tightrope walkers do. You might look cool seeming to wave your hand around. You can also try holding a hat in your free hand.

Weight-shift tactics: when the operator makes the bull go up, down, right, left or in circles shifting your weight is the best deal. When the bull goes up with head up and rear down, shift your weight to the pelvic region. When the bull goes down, shift your pelvic region up and lean back a bit. When the ball goes left, shift your weight a little bit to the right and vice versa. When the bull starts spinning in circles, just lean in the opposite way.

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